June 18, 2012

Back from my long break

I took a long break from blogging. I know its been months. I would say I am sorry but honestly I am not. I was burnt out on forcing myself to blog in between life and health issues. Life has for the most part calmed down. I still have a few things going on but I have some free time on my hands here and there. Not to mention I have a bunch of images from the months prodigal to share.

So to start here is my NOTD. I am in the middle of packing. I know every ones favorite thing. And since most of my nail stuff is in boxes at the moment, I am left with doing random things like this glitter galaxy nail design. But I am okay with this. I think it turned out pretty nifty looking, though pictures never to glitter justice.

Well look forward over the next days for all of my back up of images. I am sorry for the inability to name colors or plates as I post. But I am sure you will all still enjoy the nail porn non the less :)

As always, Happy polishing!

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