January 2, 2011

Guest Nails: One hot blizzard

These are my cousin Linda's hands. She loves snowflakes so we went through all of my plates and found the ones that had snowflakes one them. I was a bit surprised to find I had so many plates with snowflakes on them.

For these nails we used OPI- Im not really a waitress, Konad- white and China Glaze- Cheers to You.

I cant remember which plates were used to be honest. But I am pretty sure that any snowflake image for stamping would work. In our case out of like four plates we used two of them and alternated flakes.

As you can see each nail is different. I randomly placed first the snowflakes in white and then snowflakes in silver. Honestly I think we should have done silver and gold but she wanted white and silver. Still its a lovely Mani and one that I have done before on myself and very likely will do again.

Happy Polishing!


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