January 20, 2011

Where have you been?

Hey guys!

Yeah I am betting some of you are wondering where the heck I have been. Well I have been taking a break from blogging to be busy with being sick, going to school, breaking myself (aka falling on the ice and injuring myself) and finally catching up on housework and taking down Xmas decorations. Whew!

Also, my nails have been a wreck lately. All they want to do is peel. I put polish on them but by the end of 24 hours one of my nails is ruined because one of my nails has peeled. Because of this I shockingly didn't wear polish for a whole week. One of my classmates even noticed I wasn't wearing polish. I took my week break but it didn't help. They are still peeling even though I cut them as short as I could and filed them everyday. So I give up. I am going to polish them and live with some messed up Mani's. HA!

So while I was in Washington I scored some fun finds that I have to share with you guys, I would have more Mani's to share if my SD card hadn't corrupted itself. I swear me and technology just do NOT get along. I am not vanishing, I promise that much ladies and gents! Just catching up on life and now getting back into my groove.

So until my next image filled post, HAPPY POLISHING!


  1. Just found your blog! Love it! Following you :) Follow me?

  2. You've been tagged for this twice already but I'm tagging you anyway, that's 3 times the awesomeness! WHOO!
    It's the "Stylish blogger" award on my blog www.northernnails.blogspot.com

    you don't have to do it right away obviously, you could save it for when you are less busy


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