February 10, 2011

For My Valentine: Topped with a Bow, Sealed with a Kiss

Continuing with valentines day Mani fun-ness, got another one to share today. This is OPI- Black Onyx. I do have to say I am not a fan of OPI black or white polishes. They are streaky and take 3-5 coats for full opacity without bald spots. Trying to use this bottle up before I buy something else though.

So for stamping I used China Glaze- Harmony for the polka dots and China Glaze- Emotion for the lips and bow.
Plates used are as follows:

Bundle Monster - BM02

Konad - m59

Konad -m79

 My cuticles are such a wreck right now. Oil, lotion, cream... doesn't matter what I do. The air is so dry that my skin is just gross. So just ignore that and look at the pretty polish.

Happy Polishing!


  1. So cute, I need that BM plate with the lips!

  2. so cute. i don't think i own a black or white opi. i just use the cheapy wnw for base colors, lol.

  3. Poised- amazon.com you get 21 plates for under 20 dollars. Its a great deal.

    Enamel- I have heard and read about all sorts of cheaper brands that are so much better than OPI for white or black. Just really am working on using up what I have right now before I spend more money on a color I already have. Got my priorities of more colors I dont have lined up first.. lol. Yea I know... thats like an endless thing.


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