February 16, 2011

Swatchin: China Glaze- Crackle Glaze

I am sure that soon the blog world will be bombed with pictures of these polishes, but I just got them and had to share. I was so excited about FINALLY having the crackle polish that I had as a kid in various colors that I squealed a bit when I opened my box of polishes last night.

So the names of these are as follows Grey- Crack Concrete, Black- Black Mesh, Purple- Fault Line, Light Blue- Crushed Candy, Pink- Broken Hearted, White- Lightning Bolt

Overall these are TONS of fun with endless possibilities to layer over. My only complaint at all is that the White is not very opaque at all. And as will all crack polishes, if you use a heavy hand the cracks don't scatter as easily. The rest of the polishes are amazing for color payoff and ease of use.

So my first set if images are all the polishes over a silver. I used China Glaze- Cheers to You.

The white was a bit difficult to photograph so I had to photograph it alone for you to truly see the way it looks.

Second set of images if over a shade of gold. I used China Glaze- Hi-Tek.

And again with the white being a pain in the arse!

So which of these are you dying for? White are you gonna pass on? Id love to hear others opinions on this collections.

Happy Polishing!


  1. I'm waiting for mine! I ordered blue and purple, they are so amazing!

  2. i was so busy last week i forgot to order! i'm crazy about the teal.

  3. "WHITE are you gonna pass on?" hahahahaha, intentional or not, I enjoy that :)

    My favourites are the black and the purple. I feel like a looser in the polish world, not owning any crackle polish! I must find some...

  4. Bought so many buying more by others and I had to have white.Love how you showed it on tiny spoons.


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