August 19, 2011

FOTD: Corpse Pinup

Boredom struck again. Today (yesterday as of posting this) I bring you corpse like makeup.

All images are clickable for more detail or a better view.

Now a true corpse would be more toward the grey side of blue, lighter in shade and without bright fun pops of color... but common pinup needs some jazzing up.

Similar to the Zombie pinup look, I used my basic foundation and brushed pigment powder over it to set and color. Then I came back in with more shades of blue and blackened blue to amp everything up.

Again with the pigment I made a custom shade. This time it took four different products to get this exact color. Not even going to try to tell you what I used or how much of each. It was just a lot of mixing.

Love this lipstick color. Its a Mac color. Very pink but not over the top when used with everyday looks... here on the other hand its hello pink lips.

I have on false lashes here, and my bottom lashes line has lashes drawn below it with black liquid liner. For the slight pink tinge of the cheeks I used Sugarpill's Dollypop with a blush brush very lightly.

Yeah.. I made a bunch of weird faces... and check out the missing tooth. Yes that is real. Part of my adventures while I was away. If this were a blog about my life I would have pages to write, thank goodness its just a beauty blog.

Colors used for this look: Mac- Plumage, Pink Nouveau. Sugarpill- Royal Sugar, Bulletproof, After party, Dollypop. Coastal Scents- Lagoon Mist. Elf- lashes, black liquid liner. 

Okay I went pic happy... hope no one minds my goofiness. After I darkened my eye socket area with plumage, I went back in with Royal Sugar over a glitter primer. If you haven't guessed already I was somewhat inspired by Time Burton's Corpse Bride here with the eyes. Though Elf lashes suck ass... they are cheap $1 lashes I bought for a hair show I participated in. My model needed to wear 3 pairs of lashes (double top/single bottom), and since lashes usually are expensive for personal use (but reusable) and I had to supply all of my own make up, tools and even hair stuff, I went for the cheap-o's. Was not about to spend over $30 on a single use false lash look. I bought a few extras in the case of a mess up. Putting them on someone else was easy. On myself not so much. Elf''s lashes do not keep shape and its a bit hard to keep one eye closed and the other open. Ending rant now.... *huff huff pant pant*

Yes you can see really well above where the lash adhesive pulled the make up away when I had to adjust them. Makes me frown... but whatever. Perfection is not always needed. Most of my images you couldn't even see the line... yay for bathroom lighting picking it up. Darn those vanity lights =P

Hope you enjoyed this... as always, Happy Polishing and maybe even make-up brushing loves!

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  1. Lovely look. I'd love to see you wear a darker lipstick with it. Also, I like it very much that you add your personal opinions on products you're using, so please don't stop doing that :)


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