August 13, 2011

FOTD: Zombie Pinup

I was bored yesterday and sat down to play with my makeup kit, and suddenly decided to attempt zombie green skin tone to match my nails. Well once I perfected it, I couldn't stop just there... I went all the way and came out with this!

For this look I used Sugarpill- Absinthe, bulletproof and butter cupcake, Nyx- Secret World palette, Lancome- Artliner in Aubergine, and Coastal Scents- matte white pigment.

If you have ever used Absinthe I am sure you are wondering how I got the mint green from it... well that is where the matte white pigment came in. I custom mixed Absinthe with matte white and brushed it over my regular foundation after using a green color corrector on my lightly on my nose and cheek bones. The minty green custom mixed color was somewhat of a setting powder as well as an overall color.

To get all of the shading I used a dark green from the Nyx palette as well as some copper brown. Layering the colors from lightest to darkest to get the overall effect.

Next I'm going to attempt blue! We will see how that goes.

As always happy Polishing, and maybe even brushing if your working on some crazy makeup!


  1. awesome, I've been on a real zombie kick lately... I LOVE sugarpill =D

  2. Me too Justina. On both counts, though I love zombies all the time. Thanks for stopping by :)


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