October 29, 2010

I Love Beauty Bloggers

I support and recognise the beauty bloggers who portray real opinions on products expressing their experiences, obsessions and daily discoveries.

The way in which we buy products are quickly changing, consumers are becoming more aware and are actually researching products before they buy. The internet is proving to become an invaluable source within the beauty community by raising brand and product awareness. Beauty blogging is helping the consumer to make an informed decision; bloggers are increasing by the minute enabling the consumer / researcher to have a wide variety of written material to read from.

The majority of Beauty bloggers are not professionals within the sector; they are blogging as a hobby, as a way of therapy. They do not get paid to blog and do it for the love of beauty. This is what separates them from beauty editors, the reason why they started blogging was because they themselves were researching and experimenting with products and realised they had something to share and wanted to voice their opinion. Beauty bloggers love what they do and are genuinely interested in discovering new and existing products, some are ‘professionals’ in their own right, having a qualification in something does not mean you are a professional, however experience talks.

If you support the beauty blogging community, please add this stamp to your blog if you have one!

Excaimer: I did not write this, this was taken from Nails by Alice. I do not know if she is the original author so I cannot give one credit. If you, or you know, who originally wrote this please let me know so I may give them proper credit.

As an update: Original post can be found here.
Happy Polishing

I will be 'spam' posting later today.

Sorry I have been MIA the last few days pretty much. Have a few things in store for all you lovies as well as have been a bit busy with volunteer work. Have two posts ready to spam you with later today. You guys will like them I promise! So check back here.

Happy Polishing!

October 27, 2010

Blood, bugs, fingers and toes

Ok so there are no toes in this post, but it seemed fitting to say all of the above. For this I used OPI- Who are you wearing and OPI- quarter of a cent cherry for the bloody splatter/streaks. China Glaze- awaken was used for the stamping.

Plate used for stamping: Konad- C01

To make the bloody splatters/streaks I used a large embossing tool and dragged the polish droplet along the nail.

Happy Polishing!

Simply Fall: Water Marble Pt 2

Look what I did to my water marble! Stamped over it and added some Matte Magic topcoat to it. Only thing that sucks is that my camera couldn't pick up how awesome my mani looks right now.

Before I added mate magic or cleaned up completely.

After adding mate magic.

I had meant to post this yesterday, but with all of the high winds messing with our Internet I choose to wait until I know my post wouldn't get messed up. The first image is my mani all cleaned up and pretty, as is this last one. :) I really like how this turned out. Really wish my camera could capture the awesome completely. I used China Glaze- 2030 for the stamping on this.

Happy Polishing!

October 25, 2010

Simply Fall: Water Marble pt 1

Today I did my second water marble ever. The first never had pictures and thus I cannot show you how it turned out. I had a few ideas how how to use these colors btw. So I am pretty sure I will try the one of other thoughts next.

For this water marble I used five China Glaze polishes as follows: Japanese Koi, Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, Ingrid, Phat Santa.

As you can see my fingers are still really messy, even though I cleaned up around my cuticles really well. I figured that I used enough polish remover already and will shower this evening to get the rest off. I also will have a part 2 to this Mani.

Happy Polishing!

October 23, 2010

Simply Fall: Golden Plaid

After a few days of stamping fail I finally have a low humidity day and look! I was able to stamp. My family and I have plans today to go to Toledo, OH for some shopping and dinner. I wasn't about to go out with a crappy Mani. So I decided that if I couldn't stamp I was going to do water decals, but I had to try first. Well low and behold the universe decided to allow me to do it.

For this look I used Orly- Mirror Mirror with China Glaze- Jingle Bells stamped over. I was trying really hard to hold off on using my Naughty or Nice polishes until after Halloween, but I was too curious to see if the metallic polish would stamp. And it does rather well. For the plaid I used Konad plate m60.

So here are my thoughts on what happened with the stamping failure. Humidity, cold and airflow. Today before even trying to stamp I checked the humidity level. Its 10% lower today than it was yesterday. I made sure all of the fans were off, and I turned the heat on in the house last night. I have been keeping the house around 70 degrees lately. When I went to stamp today it was around 76. Maybe it being too cold had something to do with it? No idea but I have a sneaky suspicion that it does effect stamping.

So hopefully everyone else is having a good weekend. Happy Polishing loves!

October 21, 2010

Stamping failure!

Tonight I tried to do some stamping. Have NO clue what was going on but NOTHING and I mean nothing would pick up. I tried konad special polish, china glaze and OPI. Frustrating!!

Finally settled on a design with a green konad polish (the only one that seemed willing to work) and a design that would be ok if not everything picked up. I truly have no explanation as to why nothing would pick up off my stamping plates tonight. The fiance says maybe humidity, but I have never had this issue until tonight.

Anyone else have issues with stamping like this before? I cleaned my plates (tried 4 of them) and all three stampers trying to get them to work. No dice. Even tried to make it so there was no breeze at all (I usually have a fan near me to blow the fumes away).

So now I am stuck with a bleh mani. I wasn't intending to paint my nails at all today, but ended up breaking two nails while folding laundry. Then I decided to wear a deep green OPI- Coockoo for this color. Yeah green on green stamping isn't all that fascinating to me.

Well hope everyone else has/ is having a good polish day. Fantastic polishing!

October 20, 2010

Simply Fall: Cold Brick Wall

Today I have for you China Glaze: First Class Ticket with China Glaze: Robotika stamped on top. For this I used Bundle Monster plate BM10. This print totally reminds me of these cement blocks we had in a brick wall that was outside of my house when I was growing up. I remember walking that wall on cold fall days like it was a balance beam for hours on end while enjoying the cold wind whipping leaves around. Ah the memories.

Everyone will have to pardon me, but lately I have not felt like cleaning up my Mani's. I have been taking a lot of hot showers to warm up and the hot water tends to get off the small mess ups. Also saves my cuticles from getting even dryer than they already are. Darn change of seasons messing with my skin!

Hope you are all having a great day. Happy Polishing!

October 19, 2010

Fall Mani Contest Entry

I have had this Mani saved for awhile now. I did this for a fall contest entry for konadnails HERE. Some amazing nail designs came out of her contest so go check them out and vote for whom you like best. I wont sit here and beg for votes, thats just lame in my opinion.

Lots of images of the stamping. The layering and holo polish made this a bit hard to photograph.

I dont think I could even tell you what all of these colors are anymore. I had this typed up once before but blogger had a dumb moment and posted it when it wasnt supposed to/ before I had images uploaded and then it was deleted for some unknown reason. I know the orly is prince charming and the orange is Koi Fish. I think the green is Outta bounds. 

These are the two plates I used to stamp the various leaves.

Happy Polishing!

Simply Fall: Chain linked

I am going to start a series called Simply Fall. These will be great fall looks that I have scribbled in my nail diary and have come to life on my nails. All of them will be simple designs from nail plates etc. I think the colors are really what are key to these though.

This mani is China Glaze: For Audrey with China Glaze: Goin' my Way? stamped over.

Now I am going to go back to laying down. I feel like pooh still. Darn virus!

Happy Polishing!

October 18, 2010

Guest Nails: My cousin Linda

A couple of weeks ago my cousin and her husband stopped by near where we live. They were on the last leg of a long vacation where they drove across country to spend time with family on the East Coast from Washington. They decided to spend a night in a hotel not far from us and visit for a bit. On a whim I asked if I could give her a Mani. Seeing how she LOVES being pampered she said yes. This is what she chose.

I hadn't used this plate before but am sure I will be using it a few more times this year. This pattern is just perfect for a fall Mani. Its from my Bundle Monster plate set, BM21. We used OPI- Bogota blackberry as a base and Konad special Polish in Silver for the stamp.

Sorry for the not so best image, I forgot my camera when we went to the hotel room and we had to use hers, which I wasn't used to. This one is click-able and you can see the image better when you click.

Happy Polishing!

October 16, 2010

Halloween Faces: Mummy

MMmmMMmm....mmmmm. Sorry my mouth was full of gauze. Greetings from the grave! Today we are going to do my last look in my Halloween Faces series, Mummy's! Those great bodies that have been wrapped in cloth and preserved for the next life. So lets start.

After my base coat, I did one streaky coat of white. For this Mani streaky is a good thing. We do not need perfection. I actually used a glow in the dark white for mine here. This is OPI Ghostest with the Mostest.

Next I took a black and made "eyes" in all black on each nail. Kind of a slit really.

Taking my detail brush I used a brown and made various "evenly" place lines around the slit. Again I wasn't very much of a perfectionist on this on purpose.

For eyes I did a different color on each nail. As you can see I used my doter to place two large dots of the same color in each "eye" slit.

Once the dots were mostly dry I took black and made smaller dots inside of the colored dots. Now we have Mummy's!

I let everything dry for 10-15 minutes and sealed it all up with two coats of quick dry top coat.

For this whole series I have been using my Q-tip box as a pallet to mix and pick up colors. This is what it looks like/ looked like after I was done today for anyone who many be curious.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my series of face tutorials. I know I had fun doing them. I have other ideas in store for the future. Seeing as I am sick right now, tomorrow I am taking a break and resting.

While I was doing my mummies my youngest asked me to do some Frankie's on him. So here are his little fingers with Frankie on them.

Undead Polishing loves!

October 15, 2010

Halloween Faces: Scarecrow

Boo to you! Today is day four of my Halloween faces tutorials. Today we have the keepers of the garden, the scarecrow. Don't be fooled, these creepy dummy's have ears and will scare the bejesus out of you if you step out of line. Lets get started.

I started out with two coats of a cream grey. I honestly wish I had a lighter shade of grey than the one that I used. Most scarecrows turn a grayish color over time with constant submission to the elements. If you want to go for a new scarecrow I would recommend using light tan.

Next I laid down a few dots of yellow on my pallet (aka my q-tip box that I must say works awesome. It plastic so it cleans off nicely and fits easily in my tool box). I took my detail brush and made a french tip look with random lines.

I took an orange and laid more lines on top of the yellow ones. This is supposed to represent straw. You could just use one color if you wished.

Taking a black, again I used my detail brush to make two upside down V's to represent eyebrows.

My next step I used my dotting tool to make green dots inside of the V's. I sort of wish I would have used yellow or white with the darker grey, but I am pretty sure that one a lighter color this would have looked perfect.

Again I used my dotting tool to make a smaller black dot inside of my green dots.

Next I took a dark brown and drew a mouth using a zig-zag pattern making sure that the end dashes were pointing down.

Finally I took my black again and made a triangle with the point facing up for a nose.

I let everything dry for 10 mins and added two coats of my quick dry top coat.

Come back tomorrow for my final Halloween face. And I would love to see anyones attempts at this or any of my other face tutorials (ok sans Frankie seeing as how I got that from someone else). Feel free to leave a link to your own Halloween Face nail looks in comments.

Boo-tastic Polishing!

October 14, 2010

Halloween Faces: Devil

Hello fellow sinners. Today is day three in my series of tutorials on Halloween faces. Today I have the mischievous creatures known as devils. There are lots of various myths and legends surrounding devils and demons but the most well known face is of a red creature with yellow eyes, horns and a pitch fork. This is my cutesy nail design for it.

I started with a red base. If you are observant you can see I used three different reds on my nails of various similar shades. You do not have to do this, but I was feeling adventurous.

I took a dark brown and my detail brush to make the horns. Its sort of a side arc from the edge to the tip. I am not really sure how else to describe how I did them.

Next I used my doter to dot yellow eyes.

I followed up with a small black dot inside of the yellow.

Taking a black and my brush again I made small lines below the eyes in a V-ish pattern to create the nostrils and a straight line for a mouth.

Again I used my brush and made small triangles with the points going up to make the teeth. It gives the appearance of the lower canines sticking out of the lips.

As always I finished up with a thick top coat after about ten minutes of drying time.

Hope you guys enjoyed this today. Ill be back tomorrow with another tutorial. Mischievous Polishing!