February 16, 2011

Swatchin: China Glaze- Crackle Glaze

I am sure that soon the blog world will be bombed with pictures of these polishes, but I just got them and had to share. I was so excited about FINALLY having the crackle polish that I had as a kid in various colors that I squealed a bit when I opened my box of polishes last night.

So the names of these are as follows Grey- Crack Concrete, Black- Black Mesh, Purple- Fault Line, Light Blue- Crushed Candy, Pink- Broken Hearted, White- Lightning Bolt

Overall these are TONS of fun with endless possibilities to layer over. My only complaint at all is that the White is not very opaque at all. And as will all crack polishes, if you use a heavy hand the cracks don't scatter as easily. The rest of the polishes are amazing for color payoff and ease of use.

So my first set if images are all the polishes over a silver. I used China Glaze- Cheers to You.

The white was a bit difficult to photograph so I had to photograph it alone for you to truly see the way it looks.

Second set of images if over a shade of gold. I used China Glaze- Hi-Tek.

And again with the white being a pain in the arse!

So which of these are you dying for? White are you gonna pass on? Id love to hear others opinions on this collections.

Happy Polishing!

February 14, 2011

For My Valentine - A little chocolate heart

Happy Valentines Day everyone. So what better way to a woman's heart than chocolate? I personally do not know many (ok maybe a few) and unless you hate chocolate its like your best friend.

For this Mani I used China Glaze- Light As Air as my base color. I stamped the lattice design with Konad Special Polish in a pink and then used Konad Princess Polish in Chocolate for the hearts.

Plates used were the same as last time: Konad m59 and m79.

So I hope everyone is enjoying this valentines Monday. I myself am off to the dentist before I have a fun evening with my boys involving Uno attack and ice cream.

Happy Polishing!

February 10, 2011

For My Valentine: Topped with a Bow, Sealed with a Kiss

Continuing with valentines day Mani fun-ness, got another one to share today. This is OPI- Black Onyx. I do have to say I am not a fan of OPI black or white polishes. They are streaky and take 3-5 coats for full opacity without bald spots. Trying to use this bottle up before I buy something else though.

So for stamping I used China Glaze- Harmony for the polka dots and China Glaze- Emotion for the lips and bow.
Plates used are as follows:

Bundle Monster - BM02

Konad - m59

Konad -m79

 My cuticles are such a wreck right now. Oil, lotion, cream... doesn't matter what I do. The air is so dry that my skin is just gross. So just ignore that and look at the pretty polish.

Happy Polishing!

February 9, 2011

To my Valentine: I heart Plaid

So yesterday was my birthday. I am OLD... lol. Ok not really. So night before last I decided to redo my nails and with valentines day comming up I pulled these outta my top hat.

This is OPI- Do you Lilac It? with China Glaze- Cheers to you stamped over it. Also Konad Special polish in one of the pink shades was used to stamp the hearts. The two konad pinks I own look soo similar next to each other I honestly doubt they stamp differently. Kinda disappointing if you ask me but hey that's life.

Plates used Konad m60  and Bundle Monster plate BM03 .

And here is a shameless (maybe should be shameful) pic of my makeup. I was quiet happy with it. I don't do neutral tones on myself often, but really loved this.

Happy Polishing!

February 2, 2011

Sunset with a Cherry on top

Hey my lovelies. I think I am finally getting back into the groove to life. Maybe all of this snow and crazy weather that is going on has something to do with that *wink wink*. I managed to get caught up on my house FINALLY and school is closed tomorrow.

Since all I can see outside is blinding white and stark grey blah-ness... I wanted some color on my fingers. So I have a little tutorial on how I did this nail look for you here.

I started off with my base coat and then did a thin streaky mess of a coat of white. I personally used China Glaze- Snow for this, but any white will do. I really like how it brings out the neon colors.

Next I dove right in and made a splotch of color right at the cuticle line with my yellow. I was not a perfectionist with this at all. Here I used China Glaze- Happy Go Lucky.

Once the yellow was mostly dry, I went in with my next color, Orange. I covered some of the yellow in some places and just did a messy line of it. It is kind of like a gradient but minus all the stippling with a sponge. For the Orange I used China Glaze- Sun Worshiper.

As my last shade I took a pinkish neon red. In my pictures I feel it looks more red red, but really its like a neon red with a slight lean toward pink or purple. The polish used for this final shade is China Glaze- Japanese Koi (neon).

So after all of that I let it dry for about 5 minutes. Then I took my Bundle Monster plates and used plate BM21 to stamp the cherry design over all of my nails. To stamp with, I used Konad Special Polish- Violet Pearl.

And tada... Sunset with a Cherry on top. As always (since I truly am a polish snob) I used Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat over everything. And yup as per my usual lazy self, I took pictures before clean-up. Id love to say I have something up my sleeve for Valentines Day... but I don't. It is not one of my favorite holidays. I still might do something, my permitted time for polish will be the deciding factor.

Hope you enjoyed and stay warm. Happy Polishing!