A bit about me. I am first and foremost a mom. I have two boys who I love to pieces. They are my sunshine and keep me on my toes. Second I am an artist. I dabble in all sorts of crafty goodness. I love to play with colors in general. A color book and crayons can keep me occupied for hours on end. I also really enjoy reading. I have always had a passion for learning about new things and running away to far off lands.

I realized at a young age that makeup was fun. It started with a yard sale buy. My grandmother bought me this little vanity that had drawers and a seat that matched. It was run down, but still perfect for me at age 7. I remember sitting for hours playing with the makeup kits I would beg my mom to let me buy with my allowance. I also recall asking for extra chores around the house to earn more money for big girl products like nail polish and real lipstick. Perhaps some people thought I was spoiled but I remember having to do dishes every night and mop the kitchen floor, take out the trash and vacuum for weeks just to get something special I had my eye on. I am very grateful my mother raised me to be an individual and let me run around with crazy blue and green eye shadow on weekends. She taught me to earn what I have and to embrace creativity. I am also grateful my grandmother encouraged me to do what I love. Those two woman shaped me well, I have my complaints as any child does, but I owe them the credit of creativity and individualism.

Today I still love playing with makeup, nail polish and weird fashion ideas. I am grown now and only hope I can share with my boys what my mom and grandmother gave to me. Don't be surprised by posts of my kids in crazy outfits, makeup or with nail polish on. If these things bother you, move along elsewhere.

I am also a cat lover, a singer, a frog collector, and a hoarder. Wait like in those shows? No, no, no. I don't have issues with getting rid of things, I just tend to collect large amounts of specific things. Some of my collections include but are not limited to: post cards, DVDs, Comic books, Japanese cooking/ table ware, nail polish and make-up, and office supplies.

I strongly believe I fit the Aquarius stereo-type. I always have a ton of projects in various phases all over the place and my hobbies are vast across the board. I love video games, enjoy hiking, like cooking (but tend to give away what I bake), find horror movies enjoyable and would have the history channel on 24/7 if I could get away with having cable TV (I refuse to pay for TV service because my kids turn into television vegetables).

I could keep writing about my various loves and likes but I shall leave you be with this small look into the brain that is me. If you have questions feel free to ask. I love to respond to inquiring minds.