October 1, 2011

A week of nails +

As per usual life has gone hectic on me. What can ya do right? But I do have images of my nails from the last week plus.

Got three mani's to post here. First up is my Green mish-mash. No I love the color green, however I hate that is almost always stains my nails even with a base coat. China Glaze- Entourage is famous for doing this to me, but I LOVE the color. Damn you pretty lime green for making me love and hate you at the same time!!!

Items used here- China Glaze- Entourage, Lemon Fizz, Blue Hawaiian, and White-cap. Konad Special polish- Olive and Green. Chez-Delaney- plate T40.

To achieve this all nails got two coats of Entourage. Thumbs and ring fingers then got a thick coat of Blue Hawaiian. (blue Hawaiian is a blue jelly based glitter) Next I stamped my pinkie, middle and pointer fingers with Olive, followed by taking a small brush and following parts of the design with Lemon fizz and White-cap. Finally I took the Konad-green and stamped the same image again. I love how it looks like a Monet painting. A bit blurry and softly focused.

I have some complaints about this mani I must confess. Blue Hawaiian does not like stay. After less than 24 hours I already had tip wear on both hands on just the two fingers it was layered with. After three days it had huge chips in it, which lead me to remove all of my polish. I have noticed all of the glitter collection are like this. They are a pain to get off, thick and no staying power. All of which does not make me a happy camper. But because they are so pretty, I keep using them.

Mani number 2 is a skittles look that I was going to stamp on top of, but just didn't have the time. Wore this for a week straight with very little tip wear. I seldom just wear solid colors, so it was a bit refreshing.

In order from pinkie to thumb: China glaze- sky high-top, Flyin high, Caribbean blue, For Audrey, and Sea Spray.

Ok mani number 3! Yay Halloween lines... *does a happy dance* I <3 <3 <3 Halloween so much. I was at sally's and saw the display and had to grab the two  favorites of the Halloween line. I just couldnt wait for pay day to place my online order, then wait a week for them to arrive. This is China Glaze Crimson, Near Dark was also acquired at the same time and will be my in next mani. When I put the color on this very much reminded me of OPI- Lincoln Park after Dark. I think Ill do a comparison of the two colors later this weekend (life willing no kid-catastrophes happen again).

So again used for this China Glaze- Crimson and Robotica. Konad- plate m79.

I used Robotica for stamping. I love the two colors together. Its really fall here and my mani so fits the gloom and wet outside.

Sorry for more picture spam, just couldn't bring myself to do separate posts. I have a back log of things I want to share from awhile ago to. Happy Polishing loves!

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