August 30, 2010

Blingtastic holos

Yea my title choice is lame... whatever. Last night I was kinda bored... and I had started a mani the other day with my China Glaze Swing Baby from the Vintage Vixen collection but I got inturpted and the next day I helped tear an engine out of a car.

Needless to say my mani was trashed by the end of the day. Today I did a ton of house work and laundry which trashed it even more. So I have decided to just give up on my previous idea and try out a polish I have seen tons of raves on.

I bought the Milani 3D polish in HD along with a bunch of them a few weeks back. Have not gotten around to playing with this specific color yet, so I did a mani with the silverish shade and my Konad plate m65.

Now sadly I ran out of Seche Vite on my last mani... or shall I say I was so close to being out I scraped what I could out of the bottle and threw it out. Need to make a trip to Sally's or Ulta this week. So I am currently stuck with an old bottle of Sally Hansen Inta-Dri Top Coat. I am surprised that it doesnt smear the konad, as I have used other Sally Hansen Top Coats while visiting friends and doing their nails (yeah I get forgetful sometimes and forget all my supplies) and have had many problems with Konad designs getting messed up from brush drag. So I would say this specific top coat would be a good alturnative if I werent already in love with seche vite.

End result: I think I love this look. And this polish is AWESOME. The pictures I have seen just do not do it justice. Even my pictures here dont. It really has an amazing holo effect to it. I did use the yellow 3D milani color in a previous look but not by itself. May be a future nail look will be calling me to it.

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