August 20, 2010

Rising Sun

Every now and then (ok more often than I should admit really)a song will inspire me to do my nails or makeup a certian way. Muse was to blame for this look. I was rocking out to a random playlist with heavy rotation of Muse tracks last weekend and this look formed in my head. The fact that the song was "house of the rising sun" couldnt have had ANYTHING to do with it *shifty eyes*.

To get my base color I took LemonGello by Milani and put two coats over a base coat. Next I did one coat of 3D by Milani on top of that and let everything dry for about ten minutes. I am sure it could have been less time but I have a horrible addiction to apps on Facebook and ended up having to shift change my resturaunt. Yes yes... I probably need help or something.

Once my nails were more than dry enough, I grabbed my Konad plate S6. This look could be done without the Konad with a very steady hand (but im a bit lazy when i have this at my finger tips).

Taking three special polishes I did a line of black, then red, then yellow on the design I chose. Scraping in the same direction as i painted the lines so that the colors would have minimal color mixing. I grabbed my double sided stamper and used the large side to pick up the design. I oriented the stamper so that black would be closest to my cutical and rolled it across my nail.
Last as always, I took my top coat to seal everything in and make a nice shine over my nails. I personally love SecheVite for Konad designs. It doesnt drag or smear the stamped art like alot of others have a tendency to do. Ive been using Seche Vite for a long time, before I ever even started using the konad system. So I have never bothered to invest in Konads top coat.

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