August 19, 2010

Lisa Frank Nails: Leopard

First off, I CANNOT take credit for this at all. As with most things I was inspired by someone else and ran with their idea and tweeked it. So please pay attention and realize that Sayanythingbr00ke (see video right below) from youtube posted a video on this idea, which was then reposted by xsparkage and now is being passed on by muah!

Ok with that disclaimer out of the way, I have to say I LOVE this look. Though I wasnt as impressed with the way brookes nails turned out. Maybe I am bias, but I just found the holo nail polish too much off base from the stickers. This is my own opinion though and you should take it with a grain of salt. Br00ke herself says you can use any color combination.. well that exactly what I did.

I somehow actually have the stickers Br00ke talks about in her video. Yeah I am a total 80s child. I think I may actually do a series of nail inspired looks based on these stickers after going thru them. They are alot of fun and very colorful. As you can see the stickers are not holo at all, they are in fact matte. Which is why I went the cream polish route with my own nails.

The colors I went with in my own look are (from left to right): Ogre-the-top blue, Entourage, Do You Lilac it?, You're Such a kabuki queen. I would strongly suggest alternating colors and not making every nail look exactly the same. I have seen pictures of others who have done Br00kes look in this manner and I can see the stripes easily where as if you have the colors differently on each nail, the eye has a harder time focusing on the lines and it looks more tie-dye with leopard on top. I would even say if you are daring make small shapes of color instead of lines to break things up.

In my look I used Konad plate m57. I bought my konad from I used the black konad special polish and the large side of my double sided stamper. In many of my nail looks in the future I will be using this exact system to achive many nail looks. For the lisa frank look this system is not needed though.
A konad plate can be used to achieve this look easily, but if you do not have one, take a tooth pic and any dark nail polish. You do not have to use black for this. Let your creativity flow. As you can see from the stickers the original design was lighter colors with a deep dark purple on top. With the tooth pic (or if you have a double ended nail tool use that) make a "c" and then a backwards "c" oposite from it with the dark nail polish. If what I just said is confusing just watch this video. Just do NOT do a spot before making the two "c" patterns. I personally feel the smaller the better with this particular look. Start watching the video at about 4:04 to skip past a bunch of un-needed info for this particular look.

So go enjoy some fun funky 80s-ish nails. Change this look up however you see fit and dont forget to comment. Would love to see how others interpert this design and change it up even.

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