August 14, 2010

Im revamping my whole blog

So after ignoring this blog for soo long, and completely having no passion for blogging for just as long, I have decided to revamp this blog completely. I think I now have something to actually blog about that isnt myself, my kids yada yada yada. Soo typical crap stuff that no one really cares about unless they are cyber stalking you trying to find out info.

So that being said... over the next week or so this blog is going to become my nail blog. Everything related to one of my passions NAIL POLISH! Now i know tons of people have nail blogs and how to tips. But i seldom find amazing info. I have a few book marked pages but I may have a slightly different slant on a blog of this type. We will see.

So to anyone who may possibly still view this blog, you have been warned now. If you arent interested in a blog about nail polish and design (more than likely the occasional makeup review or tips as well) then you may want to delete me.

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