August 26, 2010

Indian Summer

This look was really easy. Alot of the things I do have a few steps and take me large amounts of time to get right ect... this was basically just thrown together.

First off I love the colors from the new china glaze vintage vixen collection. I personally only picked up two of the colors when I visited Sally's the other day. Alot of the colors are really pretty but I felt like I already had something similar to many of the shades. The brown I used in this look is from the Vintage Vixen Collection. This color is called Goin' my way?. The other I picked up is called Swing Baby, and I have a strong feeling I will be wearing it in my wedding next year.

So as per my usual nail routine, I used a basecoat and then two coats of Goin' my way?.

Next I busted out my Konad. I got m77 awhile back and have loved the designs on it but never have taken the time to really use them. Something about fall almost being here, and the summer sun still being out all combined with the two fall colors I bought made me think of indian summers. The feathers on this plate just felt right. So i took my konad special polish in silver and made various feather patterns all over my nails. Many of my nails were stamped two or three times with the image turned in various ways.

End result, a cute and somewhat classy look. I normally tread toward wild and crazy but this just fit my mood. Oh and as always I put a single layer of Seche Vite top coat to seal everything up.

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