November 13, 2010

Contest: Give the Gift of... Nail Polish! My Entry

I entered a nail art contest over at Tara's blog HERE. Had a ton of fun doing this. As well I wanted to post this mani to hopefully inspire some entries for my celebration mani contest. So far no one has entered. *sad face*

Btw these images are click able... (well all of them are on my blog), but I uploaded these one specifically large so you can see the detail work I put into this mani. I am so happy with how they turned out.

Thumb to pinkie: Typical house with lights along the roof line, polar bear with scarf multi light yard decoration, tree with lights and presents, snowman all dressed up, north pole sign. Each nail has snow on the ground and a night time sky.

Check out all of the polish I had out while doing this. Yeesh! And yes I used every one of those colors.

If you want to check out all of the designs head over to Taras blog and vote for me or whomever you think did an awesome job. One entry per person and you must be a follower to vote.

My entry is based on all of the trips my family makes every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas out in the car to look at the lights.

Happy Polishing... Have more fun stuff to post later today. (I am up entirely waaay too late... darn sick kids.)


  1. oh wow, that's a lot of polish!

  2. Wow, you must have spent a lot of time for this mani, I wish I was as patient as you are!

  3. Amei suas unhas!!! estou te seguindo!!

  4. Those are entirely toooooo cute! Omgosh, the detail work!

  5. thanks ladies. i really had alot of fun working on this, glad to see you guys are enjoying it to.

  6. excellent mani....great and detailed work. Just awesome!

  7. I love the polar bear :)

    I am planning on entering your contest! But you should know that I leave everything to the last minute...

  8. Great nail art work!,like it a lot :).


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