November 30, 2010

Frosted Evergreen

Yesterday I painted my nails... and it was cloudy... and today its raining. So darn it I'm just going to post my cloudy pics of this Mani. Rawr!

I have here China Glaze- Holly Jolly as a base. Sponged over that I used China Glaze- Four Leaf Clover and then Sponged over that, China Glaze- Frosty and Sponged on top of that a Snowman polish that is red glitter in a clear base. Wow was that alot to type, or a mouthful if you were to read it out loud.

Something awesome I stumbled upon while bored and reading a random blog (sorry guys I go on sprees where I read like 5-6 blogs from first post to end and cant remember who posted what), use chap stick to keep the extra polish off your cuticle's and skin. I tried it for this Mani and have to say it works like a charm. So much easier than tape or trying to brush on petroleum jelly. Just pop open a chap stick and rub it around your nail. All I had to do after three layers of sponging colors on was wash my hands in warm water. All of that extra polish came off without a single problem. Let me just say I was very impressed at how simple this method was.

So I love and hate this Mani to be honest. It looks like snow covered trees with tinsel on them to me at times, but others it looks like a complete mess. What are your thoughts?

Well happy polishing... My first real day of class time was today (last week was just orientation) and I already have homework. Yeesh! Don't want to get behind so I am going to get to work on it. Until next time.

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  1. I think that looks great! I love how the edges are darker than the rest. It gives them a little different look than your standard mani.


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