November 11, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So awhile back I won totally nailed it's first giveaway. I think I was one of her first readers, and was a bit tickled when I got an email from her letting me know I won. She is a sweetheart and going to school to be a nail tech. You guys should definitely check her out.

So what all I won:
  • Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment - Strength
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Dianthus
  • Sally Hansen HD Nail Color - Byte
  • Sally Hansen HP Nail Color - LCD
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Rose Petals
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Petite Pink
  • NYC Liquid Lip Color -Looking Gloss
  • Pink Gerber daisy hair clip made by her
  • Pink button earrings made by her (I really wish I could wear these... sadly my ears are gaged)
  • Kiss brand nail art stickers
And she sent with all of that a really sweet card with a nice message inside apologizing for taking a bit to mail the package to me. I didn't mind at all that it took some time. I was just giddy that I won. I seldom win anything. I think the last thing I won was at my Senior all niter after graduation from high school. I won a check for $100, and that was almost 10 years ago (geesh that makes me feel old.)

If you recall the little fingers from my last post, yup this would be the package that Ian wanted ALL of the colors used from. He is too funny. I have myself a fashionista in the making I tell you what. Kid knows his colors, steps and will call you a bitch if you don't do things his way (and no I do not let him get away with such language, he picked it up watching TV... thus why we no longer have cable or a converter box.)

Well Happy Polishing Lovelies... I have chipmunks, erm.. children to attend to.


  1. nice prize,u r a lucky girl,congrats

  2. that is so nice! Lucky girl!!

  3. Thanks ladies. I feel like a lucky girl. Looking forward to making someone else feel lucky soon.


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