November 27, 2010

Its Hello Kitty!

Thanksgiving was pretty boring for me... and the food wasn't all that great. I am used to my huge family gatherings with tons of great food. The affair I went to was bland, quick and then over before I felt like I had the chance to blink.

So during my boredom of waiting for said bland food to even be done, I painted my nails. I had brought my nail kit with me like I do every year. No one else wanted their nails done so I only did myself. Made me miss my sisters all the more.

This is OPI- DS Extravagance with Konad Pink stamped over. Faux-nad Hello kitty plate was used for the ring fingers and some plate I don't remember was used for the thumbs.

Hope you all are recovering from your black Friday escapades. I myself did not participate.

Happy Polishing!


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  2. EEK! :D I LOVE the Hello Kitty design! That's amazing skill. :)


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