November 10, 2010

Snapping Out of It

As promised here are some nail photos of nails from the past week when I was MIA. And even a little boy hands shot. Ian again begged for polish and was granted his snazzy pink/blue combo.

First image here is China Glaze- Peace on Earth with China Glaze- Frosty. I used my new embossing tools to make this fun look. I think last Tuesday or Wednesday was the first frost of the year and I actually had to use a scraper on my car windows. Totally inspired my nail art.

Here we have China Glaze- Ruby Pumps stamped over with Konad special polish- White. I used Bundle Monster plate BM01 for the Image. I as usual failed to bother to clean up my cuticles before snapping my pictures. I think I just give up on the whole idea. If for some reason it bothers someone that much they can find another blog to read.

I must say this polish is a pain in the ass to photograph. It looks to bright red no matter what lighting I tried to use. Seriously its soo much more dimensional with lots of glittery goodness. I honestly think its just my crap-era... I mean camera. I keep checking out new ones but have decided to hold off until after Christmas. My kids just come first.

And last this is my sons little fingers. He was excited about a giveaway package that arrived in the mail and wanted me to paint each of his nails a different color. He already had on light blue polish though so I just painted over the blue. I have a post for tomorrow about the fun box of goodies I received and from whom.

This is all for today.
Don't forget that I still have my first giveaway going and nail art contest to boot!
Happy Polishing. :)


  1. Pretty manis, the Ruby Pumps one I think is the best. Ruby Pump never fails to dissapoint me.

  2. i really like the peace on earth mani. very unique!

  3. that first design is AWESOME! i really love the colors and the whole mani is just amazing!

  4. Love that first mani and I've got to figure out getting embossing tools. I keep thinking a dotting tool will magically fall into my lap and it hasn't happened yet, go figure. Oh, and awesome tiny fingers ;)


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