December 8, 2010

Celebration Mani: Entries and voting

Ok as promised voting is started for the Celebration Mani Contest. Ladies you are now welcome to post your entries on your blogs or any other medium you choose. Please be aware that all voters MUST be a follower and may only vote once.  I am going to be verifying accounts again. So thank you for not encouraging and/or cheating.

Since this is such a long post. View the entries and voting form after the jump.

“Nothing difficult, just China Glaze Party Hearty over Misa Dirty Sexy Money :) Looks festive!”

“My Celebration Mani is to celebrate the feminine side in each of us and a reminder to enjoy being a woman!”

“When I think of celebration, I think of Christmas because it has always been a big deal in my family. Each of my nails has a meaning, so I will briefly explain each one. The nail art is on my mother's nails by the way :)”

Left Hand:
  • Pinkie - December in my family's household gets a little bit hectic and crazy. We get into a happy daze and the time flies quickly, the swirls represent that.
  • Ring Finger - This is a Chinese symbol with a couple of meanings. It means joy, cheer, and festive.
  • Middle Finger - This is a candy cane. My mother, brother and I used to hang them on the Christmas tree when I was little, then on Christmas day we would eat them while opening our gifts.
  • Index Finger - Yin Yang is for the peacefulness of Christmas night. After all of the presents are opened and the dinner is done, we just relax.
  • Thumb - My father's side of the family is fairly religious, so the star shining represents the star of David that shone when Jesus was born.
 Right Hand:
  • Pinkie - When I was very young, my father would dress up as Santa Claus on Christmas Morning, and hand out the presents, so I painted a Santa hat.
  • Ring Finger - I painted music notes because I have always loved Christmas songs. I used to listen to them year round because they are cheerful and always put me in a good mood.
  • Middle Finger - Gifts are pretty much self explanatory. I would always unwrap them very carefully because I didn't want to rip the pretty wrapping paper.
  • Index Finger - On Christmas Eve we usually go to my father's church wearing red and green and Santa hats, and my father wears a Christmas tie.
  • Thumb - My mother loves snowmen and has lots of decorations for the winter depicting "snow families".

“I was planning to make some Christmas nail art, but I had made it earlier, so it's time for celebrating the New Year! :) This is a night full of happiness, fun and joy - the only one in a whole long year... We're doing everything to be a queen of the party and to enjoy this special time! We all love fireworks, masquerades, drinking a fizz, dancing in the clouds of confetti and streamers... Don't we? :)”

“I did a Christmas inspired theme as its the biggest holiday my family celebrate. My design is simply all things that remind me of Christmas, the star reminds me of a service i go to every year called 'The Service of Light', the tree is where my family spends the whole of Christmas morning, reindeer and Father Christmas remind me of being a little kid and the presents make me a little kid on the day (:.”

“Part of holidays is also New Years Eve - this year is 2010, we are celebrating new 2011, but we want to remember all the good things from 2010:) Numbers are made of those American candy sticks, green is like Christmas trees, bells and candy's are also very christmasy :-) “

“These are cupcakes! I made them for my sisters birthday, this is a freehand mani. I made them because my mom made some little cupcakes, and the inspiration popped in my head!”

“My inspiration this time was how much I am looking forward to New year's celebrations! I always have a blast with friends and I love the fireworks and colors involved around the period.”

“I didn't want to enter anything that is attached to any religious holidays, so I chose to do my nail design on the Boxing Day Tournament that my friends and family participate in every year. It's a bunch of curling games, but everyone is acts really silly and it's lots of fun :) on my index finger is a curling broom, middle is the trophy that you get your name on if your team wins, ring finger is the "house" with gemstone "rocks" in it, and on my pinkie is the drink me and my friends always get when we are done curling, it's called a slime (lime juice and sprite :)”

Ok everyone... now for the fun part. VOTING. As stated before voting is not your typical affair. You have to take some time here to think. You are ranking for three categories for each entry. I feel this is more fair to everyone involved. Each category has various point values for each rank. I am not going to share my rating scale with you. I feel this forces you to be objective and vote based on how you really feel each entrant did in the various areas. So good luck entrants! Voting ends December 15th, 2010 at 12:00pm EST. So you have one week to get as many people to vote as you can by that date. It will take on average 5-10 minutes for most people to vote for all entries (and all entries must be voted on to submit the form).

Happy Polishing!