December 23, 2010

Mistletoe Snow globes

So yesterday I gave myself and my best friend Laura Mani's. I showed you hers now here is mine. Better stay tuned for more guest hands all this week and next. Lots of friends and family are wanting me to do their nails for holiday parties and I am having so much fun with it. I have two from today to post later.

First off I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mint green. Now I normally try to stay clear of Sally Hansen products. They do have some fabulous colors, I just feel its wrong to support a company that is still okay with animal testing. I know almost all companies that own cosmetic brands do, but I had an internal debate about it awhile ago and do my best to steer clear. This one however I couldn't. I went back and forth and after looking for a good dupe in another brand, couldn't pass up this mint green with its slight shimmer. My photograph here does not do it any justice. I really hate the brush on this though. Its one of those wide rounded flat things that so many others dislike to. So enough of my blabbing.. this color is Sally Hansen - Gentle Blossom.

Next I took China Glaze- Outta Bounds and used bundle monster plate BM14. Accent fingers were my theme from yesterday, if you couldn't already tell. I took China Glaze - Ruby Red Pumps and used a dotting tool over the berries in the center of the stamped image to make them red.

Last I did a coat of China Glaze - Snow Globe over each nail. Double coats were done on all non accent nails. Again pictures don't do these justice. They have so many different colors that reflect off the glitter. Tastes like happy to me. And of course since I hate the gritty feeling of glitter, so I use a thick coat of Seche Vite over everything to smooth it all out.

Okay I have talked way too much in this post. Look out for more Mani's... cant say it enough because I have ten siblings, six of which are female, and then my mom, my sisters kids, aunts, cousins, etc. Yeah you get the picture. I promised anyone who wanted Mani's would be getting them while I am here so that means lots of nail pron for you dears.

Happy Polishing!

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