December 3, 2010

Franken: Night of the Blizzard

Yesterday was a school day. I was bugged all day by my pathetic chipping nails. Homework is really kicking my butt. Seems I have to prioritize which means less time for nails and that is ok with me as much as I hate it. I love what I am learning. After school I stopped at Walgreens to get a few prescriptions filled for the household and while waiting I went thru the makeup department. Luck was on my side. I stumbled upon a brand new wet and wild holiday display. Was able to nab up two bottles of Prancer. I even grabbed a Blitzen just to see how it applies... I have a great franken for it if I don't like the polish as is.

I got home and took one bottle of prancer and started adding drops of black polish into it to make the Lippmann dupe. While I was at it I took an old empty mini Orly bottle and poured the clear topcoat that came with Prancer into it and started adding glitter and eye pigments. I had never done this before but was just experimenting. (honestly I was procrastinating on homework)

So I have NO idea what all went into this. I know a few mac pigments, some coastal scents pigments and glitters... so on and so forth. Still I LOVE how it turned out. My swatch here is two coats. I only really needed one... I may have over packed it with glitter. Only frustrating thing is that it has to be shaken up really well before use. I did this yesterday and didn't take pics until today, had to shake it back up because the contents had separated a bit.

How are you feeling about my franken?

Reminder: Mani contest entries deadline is tomorrow. Get them in ladies! Info can be found HERE.

Happy Polishing.


  1. Pretty! It reminds me of something but I can't remember right now and I'm not near my stash.

  2. Nice franken. I mix like that a lot. ;)

  3. megan if you figure out what it is let me know.. is love to compare :)


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