December 30, 2010

Guest Nails: Its a Clear Night Santa

Christmas eve I had the joy of painting my sisters nails. These are my sister Emily's hands.

Update: Sorry this didn't post like it was supposed to, apparently scheduled posts are still having issues. I set one up a few days ago and it went thru just fine but this post and another did not go thru like they were supposed to Christmas day and the day after. Again sorry for the delay. The next post is scheduled for tomorrow. I will to my best to find Internet access to check that it goes thru properly.

So for my sisters nails I used China Glaze- Dorothy Who? over all her nails in three coats. Then I let dry.

Plates from faux-nad and Konad were used for the stars and Santa face. m12 Konad and M37 faux-nad.

China Glaze- Cheers to You and Konad- White were used for the stamping... I took China Glaze- Phat Santa and painted the hat red... then I took China Glaze- Outta Bounds and painted the mistletoe on her thumbs.

She loved these, and because she is only 13 I didn't bother to try to clean up her cuticles. I know how hard she is on her hands. Still perfect Christmas nails if you ask me. All nails were finished off with a quick coat of Seche Vite.

Happy Polishing!

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  1. Hot damn! I need to comment on your posts more. I really, really like the silver stars on the blue background! That "Dorothy Who?" color is super pretty.


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