December 17, 2010

Celebration Mani: The votes are in and counting completed

Whew... that was some work. So now here are the results. I am not going to list everyone just the top three... and here they are.

3rd Place goes to: a tie between Orlica and Pip

2nd Place goes to: Sabbatha

and congrats to our 1st place winner, Katheryn.

Since I did not get very many votes Katheryn and Sabbatha please email me your addresses ASAP .I have opted out of drawing a random winner from the handful of voters and am going to give the surprise pack to the runner up. If you could please get them to me by the end of Dec 19th it would be great. Otherwise you will have to wait until I get back home from my 2 week vacation.

Thank you everyone who voted and entered. This was alot of fun. I am definently planning on doing more of these in the future.

Happy Polishing!


  1. Great! Congrats, girls! I especially like Orlica's and Pip's. I am still curious about your decision criteria, though. It was a very unusual voting :)

  2. Ok, here is the break down. I set each category with a base number. So say you picked theme as the 1st option, presentation as the 2nd and creative as the third. Whatever the base number is set at for theme is how many points were aloted times position. 1st place was x3 of whatever the base number was set at, 2nd x2 of the base number and 3rd x1. Each category had a different base number. Then all I had to do was add all of the scores from each voter together and the person with the highest was the winner. I felt this was alot more fair than having single votes. Some people dont have as large of a fan following as others, I didnt want it to be a popularity contest as I have seen it be time and time again on other blogs.

  3. Congrats to the winners!!! Somehow I missed the post with all the entries. I'll have to go back and view them all.

  4. Yayyy I LOVED Sabbathas! I didn't vote only because I couldnt really figure out the voting but Im glad she placed :) Congrats everyoneeee

  5. yay! I win something! Yay! :D

    thanls ZombieClaws, voters, thank Brooke :>

  6. Congrats for all of you, girls!

    I'm Orlica, not Orlicia ;)

  7. Wow That sure sounds like tons of work but I still don't get it :X Maybe next time! :)

  8. Oh my... sorry for mis-Spelling your name Orlica. I will go correct that right now.

  9. hey, it's katheryn! did you get my email with my address yet?


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