December 31, 2010

Guest nails: Christmas is Best in Silver and Gold

Hey guys, another guest nails post here. These are my sister Libby's hands. These are again from Christmas Eve.

Update: As in my last post, blogger decided not to post my scheduled entry and so this is late. Lucky for you guys this does mean I have a back log of posts to put up for your viewing pleasure.

These nails start out with an all over 2 coats of China Glaze- Sugar Plums. I could have stayed with one on this polish but I wanted to make sure nothing was missed so opted for two.

I took Konad plate m12 and stamped with China Glaze- Midnight Kiss on each finger. Then I took a dotter (my smallest dotting head) and dotted small sliver balls on the trees. For the dotting I used China Glaze- Cheers to you.

I know my images are not the best in the world. My mom has horrible lighting in her house. But all images are clickable so you can easily click on them to get a better view of the details.

Happy Polishing!

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