October 19, 2010

Fall Mani Contest Entry

I have had this Mani saved for awhile now. I did this for a fall contest entry for konadnails HERE. Some amazing nail designs came out of her contest so go check them out and vote for whom you like best. I wont sit here and beg for votes, thats just lame in my opinion.

Lots of images of the stamping. The layering and holo polish made this a bit hard to photograph.

I dont think I could even tell you what all of these colors are anymore. I had this typed up once before but blogger had a dumb moment and posted it when it wasnt supposed to/ before I had images uploaded and then it was deleted for some unknown reason. I know the orly is prince charming and the orange is Koi Fish. I think the green is Outta bounds. 

These are the two plates I used to stamp the various leaves.

Happy Polishing!


  1. this came out great! I love the base color!

  2. Thanks hun. The base is from China Glaze OMG collection... I think its FYI or something like that. Id have to dig it out to get the exact name though.

  3. Good luck! They are beautiful!!


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