October 15, 2010

Halloween Faces: Scarecrow

Boo to you! Today is day four of my Halloween faces tutorials. Today we have the keepers of the garden, the scarecrow. Don't be fooled, these creepy dummy's have ears and will scare the bejesus out of you if you step out of line. Lets get started.

I started out with two coats of a cream grey. I honestly wish I had a lighter shade of grey than the one that I used. Most scarecrows turn a grayish color over time with constant submission to the elements. If you want to go for a new scarecrow I would recommend using light tan.

Next I laid down a few dots of yellow on my pallet (aka my q-tip box that I must say works awesome. It plastic so it cleans off nicely and fits easily in my tool box). I took my detail brush and made a french tip look with random lines.

I took an orange and laid more lines on top of the yellow ones. This is supposed to represent straw. You could just use one color if you wished.

Taking a black, again I used my detail brush to make two upside down V's to represent eyebrows.

My next step I used my dotting tool to make green dots inside of the V's. I sort of wish I would have used yellow or white with the darker grey, but I am pretty sure that one a lighter color this would have looked perfect.

Again I used my dotting tool to make a smaller black dot inside of my green dots.

Next I took a dark brown and drew a mouth using a zig-zag pattern making sure that the end dashes were pointing down.

Finally I took my black again and made a triangle with the point facing up for a nose.

I let everything dry for 10 mins and added two coats of my quick dry top coat.

Come back tomorrow for my final Halloween face. And I would love to see anyones attempts at this or any of my other face tutorials (ok sans Frankie seeing as how I got that from someone else). Feel free to leave a link to your own Halloween Face nail looks in comments.

Boo-tastic Polishing!


  1. I've come late to your Halloween Nail "par-teh" but these are all awesome. I love the tutorials to go with them cuz I'm such a noob at any kind of free hand I would never know where to begin. Thank you! :)

  2. so cute! i'll have to try one of the face manis on my daughter because i won't be able to do my right hand, lol.

    thanks for the tutorial. oh and btw i got my Merry Midnight!!! woot woot!

  3. Glad to help out my fellow polish fiends.

    Enamel girl, SWEET! It is such a fab color. I really cant get over how easy it is to remove either. If they made the same formula in other colors Id be all over them like a fat kid on a cupcake!

  4. I just discovered your blog and I'm very glad I did. I always judge a blog's "followability" based on how sucked in I get and I just spent the evening going through all your posts. :) I'm looking forward to future posts.


  5. hi I use the bargain brand postal labels for the dollar store.....

    If it is too humid they are very hard to get off and leave a gooey residue.

    Alot of people use blue painters tape ( or green or whatever color it comes in ) and have more success with the painters tape.

    I have removed labels from their backing, and stuck the painters tape to this and cut with scissors or an exact-o knife for small patterns and this has worked well.

    also these scarecrows are CUTE!

  6. That's such a cute mani <3
    Thank you so much for sharing it :D


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