October 21, 2010

Stamping failure!

Tonight I tried to do some stamping. Have NO clue what was going on but NOTHING and I mean nothing would pick up. I tried konad special polish, china glaze and OPI. Frustrating!!

Finally settled on a design with a green konad polish (the only one that seemed willing to work) and a design that would be ok if not everything picked up. I truly have no explanation as to why nothing would pick up off my stamping plates tonight. The fiance says maybe humidity, but I have never had this issue until tonight.

Anyone else have issues with stamping like this before? I cleaned my plates (tried 4 of them) and all three stampers trying to get them to work. No dice. Even tried to make it so there was no breeze at all (I usually have a fan near me to blow the fumes away).

So now I am stuck with a bleh mani. I wasn't intending to paint my nails at all today, but ended up breaking two nails while folding laundry. Then I decided to wear a deep green OPI- Coockoo for this color. Yeah green on green stamping isn't all that fascinating to me.

Well hope everyone else has/ is having a good polish day. Fantastic polishing!


  1. maybe u need a little speed on scraping.. getting the design on the image plate and stamp in ur nails.. this is best tip i can give to u...coz konad polish dries quickly...i hope this would help...

  2. I've buffed my stamper with a very fine buffer when this happened to me. Maybe try that? Did you use pure acetone to clean up with? I've found the moisturing removers leave too much residue. I hope you find the cause!

  3. Thank for the input ladies. I can rest assured I am a seasoned pro at stamping, and yes pure acetone was used. Thus my major confussion about what the heck could possibly have been gonig on.

    Will have to try the fine buffer and see if it works at all. Seeing how I am in Michigan, could have just been high humidity and I am already used to it.

  4. Oh man. I have issues with stamping too sometimes. But I usually just chalk it up to being new at it and just needing to learn the ways of the stamping world better.

  5. Been there done that then took the film wrap off of the plate. (btw, that's just me and my weird issues, lmfao)

  6. I think I just hurt myself laughing about the film wrap, but only because I have totally done that!

    And as an update, I am now pretty sure its the damn humidity. I tried again today and again no dice. Check the humidity and its pretty high right now. I made a huge mess of my Mani last night giving myself a pedi. Go figure! I give up on stamping until the humidity goes down a bit.

  7. LMAO with the last two comments!, after reading the tips from the girls I have no explanation, that's weird, let us know if it was the humidity, if not check this youtube vid


    Also The other day I read about the use of pure acetone, and somebody was saying not to clean the stamper with pure acetone, but with alcohol?! Oh well, we need to make a post to ask the girls I guess :(


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