October 4, 2010

MIA.... who me?

It was a hell of a weekend. I was in no mood to blog, but I did keep tabs on blogs I read. I am back now that the weekend is over, and hopefully all the drama. We had one of our car windows smashed in along with a few of our neighbors cars as well. Just a bunch of stuff really. No real need to get into it all, but lets just say I spent more time cleaning up messes, crying and getting oil/grease on my hands than much of anything else.

So since my nails are crap... no literally they are all chipped up and have grease under them that I cant seem to get out, I did this kinda fun quick number to cover the yuck.

This is OPI- Yodel Me on my Cell in two coats...

... with a coat of OPI- Merry Midnight over it.

Nothing fancy just a dark vampy nail look until my hands heal. I didn't even bother to clean up my cuticles or anything... I have small cuts all over the place. Acetone burns like a mofo. Waiting for washing and showering to get all the little drips to get off all the slop.

Think I am going to be swatching (not on my nails) this week for you ladies. Please let me know in the comments of any colors you saw in my last few hauls of anything in particular you would like to see. I will do a few of my favorites tomorrow, but after that go by any comments I happen to get.

Happy Polishing!


  1. Hope you find a happy place on this rollercoaster ride we call Life. I hate dealing with a bunch of crap - it always seems to run down hill and I'm standing at the bottom and guess what? I've forgotten my boots! :P

    I do like what your final mani....the merry midnight as topcoat was an excellent choice.

  2. Eee Gads not the boots! Those are a very important fashion accessory when doing any sort of down hill running standing. They protect our pedi'd toes! Sadly I have to admit I suffer the same forgetfulness. No wonder my feet always look like crap. LOL


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