October 12, 2010

Halloween Faces: Frankie

Hi everyone.. I was watching You Tube videos last night and stumbled upon a great video. (see below) It got me to thinking, hey I'm going to do that! But not only did I think that, but my creative wheels started turning and I started thinking of other monster faces I could do in a similar fashion. So for the next couple of days I am going to post a tutorial each day on a different monster face.

The video shows you how to do this, but I will show you guys how I did it as well.

First I took my base coated nails and did two coats of China Glaze Entourage.

Next I took a black nail polish and doted the tips of my nails with the brush in a faux french tip. As you can see in the video she used another brush but I didn't see the point in adding more mess when I could just as easily use the brush end.

Then I drew my lines for the eyebrows and mouth line with my liner brush. I use an old pointed eye liner brush for nail art. Works great. I don't have any art deco nail polishes.

Next I took my nail dotting tool and made white dots for the eyes.

I waited a few minutes and let the white dry, then I carefully added a smaller black dot inside of the white dot. To achieve this make sure you barely touch the white dot with the dotting tool. If you press down all the way like you did to make the white you will more than likely cover the whole white dot.

Again I waited a minute and then added a top coat. The waiting is a good idea so as not to smear your dots. Now I have happy Frankensteins on all of my nails.

Spooky Polishing!

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  1. they are adoreable! i may do these for my daughter. she loves them!


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