October 13, 2010

Halloween Faces: Vampire

Hello Loves. Today is day two of my nail faces tutorials. So here we go with the creatures of the night, the vampire. I made these ones sparkle (yep twilight fans enjoy) anyone who doesn't like sparkling vampires please feel free to skip the sparkle step.

First I did two coats of a white polish. I used China Glaze Snow.

Next for that sparkle effect I laid a coat of an opal-ish polish over the white. I used OPI Room Service.

For hair I took my detail brush (aka my old eyeliner brush turned nail brush) and used black polish to create the V hair widows peak. And I added a black line for a mouth and lines for eye brows.

I added the red eyes with my dotting tool. Anyone could use a toothpick or pin head for this step as well.

Before adding the black dot I cleaned off my dotting tool. As in my last tutorial I carefully dotted the black inside of the red making sure not to press down all the way so that the black dot didn't cover up the red.

Finally I added a small white fang on each side of the mouth (insert fail face here for missing the picture before this step) and then a small red smudge on each fang to make them look freshly used.

I waited about 10 minutes to let things dry and added a nice thick coat of Seche Vite. I know in these pictures the shimmer doesn't show up well, but in person I can see it. Darn my crap camera, and the sun not being willing to show its face long enough for me to take a sunlight pic. Tonight I get to take these off and work on tomorrows tutorial. So stay tuned!

Bloody Polishing!


  1. Nice of you to do different halloween-faces :) Those franken-faces are all over the web, so nice to see something different ;) Go creativity!

  2. Hey! I followed a link here from Deez Nails! I love the Dracula idea!

  3. Hiya, clicked through via Deez Nails. Great idea, must try it myself.


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