October 18, 2010

Guest Nails: My cousin Linda

A couple of weeks ago my cousin and her husband stopped by near where we live. They were on the last leg of a long vacation where they drove across country to spend time with family on the East Coast from Washington. They decided to spend a night in a hotel not far from us and visit for a bit. On a whim I asked if I could give her a Mani. Seeing how she LOVES being pampered she said yes. This is what she chose.

I hadn't used this plate before but am sure I will be using it a few more times this year. This pattern is just perfect for a fall Mani. Its from my Bundle Monster plate set, BM21. We used OPI- Bogota blackberry as a base and Konad special Polish in Silver for the stamp.

Sorry for the not so best image, I forgot my camera when we went to the hotel room and we had to use hers, which I wasn't used to. This one is click-able and you can see the image better when you click.

Happy Polishing!


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