October 1, 2010

Okay... Im on Strike!

SoI have a hard time resisting a deal. When I realized I could get some hard to find and semi hard to find polishes for 2-3 dollars a bottle after shipping I jumped on it. Now I am thinking its time to go on a buying strike. Blasphemy I know, but I have a bunch of untried shades and a ton of ideas that I should get out before I go spending anymore cash on nail polish. This could take me a few months, but thats not really such a bad things. My only exception to this is going to be holiday shades and if I happen to stumble across one of my Milani lemmings. A girl has to put her foot down at some point, and besides, I have other things I need to worry about.. like Christmas shopping.

So this was a huge haul. Twenty eight polishes in total. I kinda cringe just admitting that number. I feel guilty as sin saying I bought this many colors in one sitting (okay well twenty seven seeing as how I bought two of one color.. Giveaway spare anyone?). So lets just cut to the chase so I can let you know all of the colors I got here... *big breath*

Left to Right all China Glaze: Doll House, Preppy Pink, Candie, Mahoganie, Blue Hawaiian, Treasure Chest (not pictured because it fell on the floor Electric Lilac)

 Left to Right all China Glaze: C-C-Courage, Ruby Pumps, Dorthy Who?, Good Witch?, Cowardly Lyin' (incase your wondering... yup this is pretty much the whole collection of Wizard of Oh Ahz minus Ten Man)

Left to Right all China Glaze: First Class Ticket, Grape Pop, Outta Bounds, On the Rocks, Turned Up Turquoise

Left to Right all China Glaze: OT, FYI, Japanese Koi (Neon), In the Lime Light, Tarnished and Varnished, Rose Among Thorns (Neon)

Left to Right: China Glaze- Ingrid, China Glaze- Snow, Orly- Prince Charming, Orly- Mirror Mirror

Sighs a relieving breath... that was alot of typing and picking up of bottles. Eee Gads. I got alot of my wants in this haul and even a few things that I am not so I will like but am willing to try. I'm off to finish a novel while snugging some kitties, then do my nails.

So, happy polishing everyone... I now have a huge decision to make, what polishes to try first. Wish me luck on that one!


  1. Yay.. awesome haul! I think the max for me was like 7 or 8 at at time.
    Me too I need to go on strike ^_^.
    Holy zombies! I have to start saving for the Holidays Collections :)

  2. haha what a niiiiice haul!! :)

  3. I know right... holiday polish's this year have some serious gems. At least I think there are. The CG collection has me drooling! Not to mention a few OPI and ORLY... oh and two Zoya... Oh gawd I'm in trouble with the significant other when he finds out all of my wants. LOL. Lucky he supports me in my passions as I do in his (he loves computer hardware and that stuff gets expensive quick).

  4. awesome haul!! I really have no money at the moment to buy so many polishes, haha!

  5. Oh,my!
    These all look gorgeous!I'll wait for some seriously nice NOTDs and swatches :)


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