October 25, 2010

Simply Fall: Water Marble pt 1

Today I did my second water marble ever. The first never had pictures and thus I cannot show you how it turned out. I had a few ideas how how to use these colors btw. So I am pretty sure I will try the one of other thoughts next.

For this water marble I used five China Glaze polishes as follows: Japanese Koi, Peachy Keen, Lemon Fizz, Ingrid, Phat Santa.

As you can see my fingers are still really messy, even though I cleaned up around my cuticles really well. I figured that I used enough polish remover already and will shower this evening to get the rest off. I also will have a part 2 to this Mani.

Happy Polishing!


  1. I love your middle finger's marble. looking good! i hate how messy some manis can be!

  2. your marble turned out fab! great color selection!!!

  3. I agree turned our pretty nice!

  4. It's so messy, and you need a lot of polish, but water marbles are soo pretty! Love the color combination! <3


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