October 16, 2010

Halloween Faces: Mummy

MMmmMMmm....mmmmm. Sorry my mouth was full of gauze. Greetings from the grave! Today we are going to do my last look in my Halloween Faces series, Mummy's! Those great bodies that have been wrapped in cloth and preserved for the next life. So lets start.

After my base coat, I did one streaky coat of white. For this Mani streaky is a good thing. We do not need perfection. I actually used a glow in the dark white for mine here. This is OPI Ghostest with the Mostest.

Next I took a black and made "eyes" in all black on each nail. Kind of a slit really.

Taking my detail brush I used a brown and made various "evenly" place lines around the slit. Again I wasn't very much of a perfectionist on this on purpose.

For eyes I did a different color on each nail. As you can see I used my doter to place two large dots of the same color in each "eye" slit.

Once the dots were mostly dry I took black and made smaller dots inside of the colored dots. Now we have Mummy's!

I let everything dry for 10-15 minutes and sealed it all up with two coats of quick dry top coat.

For this whole series I have been using my Q-tip box as a pallet to mix and pick up colors. This is what it looks like/ looked like after I was done today for anyone who many be curious.

I hope you guys have enjoyed my series of face tutorials. I know I had fun doing them. I have other ideas in store for the future. Seeing as I am sick right now, tomorrow I am taking a break and resting.

While I was doing my mummies my youngest asked me to do some Frankie's on him. So here are his little fingers with Frankie on them.

Undead Polishing loves!


  1. Cute! I really like your designs. :) (PS I sent you an email)

  2. you have a new follower from Italy!" :)

    I really like this! I love that you used different colors to make the eyes!

  3. Hello to my new followers! Glad you guys (new and old) are enjoying these. My little nail diary has a bunch of ideas that I have been doodeling in it. Hope to keep seeing you around.


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