October 23, 2010

Simply Fall: Golden Plaid

After a few days of stamping fail I finally have a low humidity day and look! I was able to stamp. My family and I have plans today to go to Toledo, OH for some shopping and dinner. I wasn't about to go out with a crappy Mani. So I decided that if I couldn't stamp I was going to do water decals, but I had to try first. Well low and behold the universe decided to allow me to do it.

For this look I used Orly- Mirror Mirror with China Glaze- Jingle Bells stamped over. I was trying really hard to hold off on using my Naughty or Nice polishes until after Halloween, but I was too curious to see if the metallic polish would stamp. And it does rather well. For the plaid I used Konad plate m60.

So here are my thoughts on what happened with the stamping failure. Humidity, cold and airflow. Today before even trying to stamp I checked the humidity level. Its 10% lower today than it was yesterday. I made sure all of the fans were off, and I turned the heat on in the house last night. I have been keeping the house around 70 degrees lately. When I went to stamp today it was around 76. Maybe it being too cold had something to do with it? No idea but I have a sneaky suspicion that it does effect stamping.

So hopefully everyone else is having a good weekend. Happy Polishing loves!


  1. OH I'm so glad that the stamping finally starting working out again for you! And this manicure looks awesome.

    I'm super jealous of anyone that has any of the China Glaze Holiday collection, but I'm trying to hold out and wait until my beauty supply store has it. Until then I will stare at your manicure and drool over the colors. hehe

  2. i'm glad its working right today. your nails came out nice!

  3. Nice combo - I like the subtlety of it. Glad you finally got good weather for stamping!


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