October 7, 2010

Swatchin- Pinkie and the Brown

Did you ever watch Animaniacs? I love that show. Brain cracks me up really good. No idea why either. Today I have Pinks and Browns, two colors that I have a love hate relationship with just like the two characters do on the show. For me, pinks and browns have issues with my skin tone. I am part native American so I have olive undertones in my skin. This equates to lots of clashing when anything has alot of gold in it. I love the color but it makes my skin look kinda green. I tend to stick to silver because of this.

So without blabbing on and on, here are some swatches. Today we have Orly and China Glaze. Left to Right: Orly: Prince Charming, China Glaze: Good Witch?, Orly: Mirror Mirror, China Glaze: Candie, China Glaze: Ingrid, China Glaze: Preppy Pink

Prince charming is a nice cream chocolate brown. Reminds me of the color of a Hershey bar. Too bad I cant eat this. *giggles*

Good Witch? is a pink frosty glitter. The glitter is a gold color but the pink hides it almost and makes it look almost peach to me. Still an awesome color.

Mirror Mirror is a great cream grey. Cloudy skies and rain on my nails!

Candie is a baby powder pink with lots of pixie glitter in it of various shapes and sizes. This colors is fun!

Ingrid is another chocolate brown but instead of cream this has a slight gold shimmer to it. Gorgeous really.

Preppy pink is a darker version of Candie. Lots of various sized pixie glitter in a pink. Reminds me of a pink polo shirt that has been dosed in glitter really.

Happy polishing!

UPDATE: Anyone else having issues with scheduled posts not posting? This was supposed to post yesterday and never did... my post the day before did the same thing and I ended up posting it myself. Its the 8th that I am forcing this to post since this didnt show up yesterday on my blog. Frustrating!

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