October 11, 2010

My First Foil: Geisha Plum


My kitty polish peeled off. Litter-ally. Yeah lame play on words there, but in all seriousness the polish peeled off of all of my nails but my thumbs. Not exactly what I wanted to wake up to. So after I got my kids on the school bus I decided to stop being intimidated by nail foils and try them. They have been sitting in my nail tool box for over a month. I kept looking at them, thinking I really ought to try those out, and walking away thinking they would be too much work. Nope I was WRONG! They were actually pretty easy, though they are not as cut and dry as everyone on YouTube seems to make them out to be.

I sat and watched I think 4 or 5 videos before attempting this. I would recommend anyone who tries these for the first time to do the same. I got some good tips but think I may post a small tutorial on how to get these on better once I figure it out myself. For a first try these turned out OK. If I had done something with a pattern I would have been disappointed.

With just the foils.

Tube of foil and the polish I laid down before I put the foils on. Should have used a purple. Live and learn. I got my foil from Dollarnailart.com China Glaze: Cowardly Lyin' and Geisha Plum Foil

Then because I thought the foil looked a bit tacky with all the bald spots and broken areas, I added halloween stamping to it. Now it looks more intentional with my voodoo guy and bloody drips.
Happy Polishing my pretties!


  1. WoW, you braved the foils and they look hot! I need to get brave; however, I don't even know where to find those.

  2. dollarnailart.com has a ton of differnt ones. as for finding them in a store i have NO idea. I havent seen foils anywhere myself other than online.

    Now I need to brave the water decals and other various stuff I bought/ got from hauls over the last couple of months. I have alot of stuff!

  3. they look great, especially for a 1st attempt! i agree it does look super easy on youtube but they are a little tricky. you'll be an expert in no time!

  4. i got my order from the same place last week and played with some foils - it's hard - especially with curvy nails that encourage wrinkles. I used enamel girls photo tutorial, but you're right, i should check out some videos. thanks!


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