September 30, 2010

Sad Panda

Yeah, I am a sad panda... so I made my nails match my mood. I have to put one of my pets down. My poor Russian blue has a nasty wound on his leg that wont heal and has been like this for over 2 years. Over time the toxins from the tissue going necrotic over and over finally started effecting his whole body. He has been getting really skinny towards the end now too. Mickey is really going to be missed. I have been putting off going in for a few months now but I can tell its getting close. He is to the point where he limps all the time and will cry in pain when he isn't being touched or bothered. It breaks my heart.  Ringtail will be missed dearly. He has had a long life, 10 years. I wasn't his first owner, but he has been a spoiled loved on thing since he came into my family four years ago.

A small photo tutorial of how I did this, then I shall go back to sulking and mauling my boy while I can.

I did this all by hand. No plates needed. I used China Glaze- For Audrey, Orly- White Out, OPI- Spiderella, Seche Vite fast dry top coat and a few tools for dotting.

First I used a base Coat of For Audrey over the whole nail.

Next I made half circle-ish looking things at the tips for the pandas face.

Then I added black ears and the black area for around the eye (not pictured is the black nose dot.... i failed to photograph that step)

Then I doted white into the black and then a smaller dot of For Audrey for the eye color...

And tada... panda bears.

Ok now I am going back to snugging on the couch with my Mickey. Well that is if he will let me. (an older image of Mickey before he became sick... and check out that nasty 70s couch I had 3 years ago... eww!)

Happy Polishing!


  1. Every time I read the sad panda thing I do it in the South Park voice of SExual Discrimination Panda. LMAO. I'm sorry about your kitteh being under the weather - they're our companions and its so hard to see them like that. I like Mickey with the controller...quite the gaming kitteh? lol

  2. Oh gosh.. Mickey LOVES to be up in your face when you are trying to play a video game... I swear he sees the game controller and associates it with attention whore time. I have numerous pictures of him curled up next to or around it. Silly boy.


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