September 18, 2010

Grape Jelly

Nothing like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Grape jelly... or some fab nail polish that looks like Grape Jelly!

This color is called Daddy's Girl. Its by sinful colors and I think I'm in love! Purple is my favorite color on earth. This color just screams everything about purple that I love.

So while I was doing my nails I had to remove the film off my bundle monster plate before I used it.... everyone, be careful when removing the films. Clearly the edges of the plates can be rather sharp. This cut bleed on and off for a good twelve hours before I finally had to tape it shut. It didn't look deep to me at all either, just wouldn't seal shut.

The plate I used for my ring finger was BM13. I used the web first and then added a bat. Sadly for some reason the purple polish and topcoat made the web look purple once dried. Not sure why either. Eh... something to try to figure out later. I did this Mani a few days ago, since then it has been replaced. I have pictures of what I did this morning to post soon.

Happy polishing!

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