September 23, 2010

Zoya Spoons

I gave into the hype and bought some Color Spoons. They are pretty neat to say the least, though I have to admit I am not super impressed with all of the colors. For instance, two of the colors I choose as spoons are exact duplicates of so called "the new color of fashion" from the wicked and wonderful plate they sent me for free. Ummm excuse me, but isn't that kind of a no no?

Update: I do have to admit that after taking pictures with a different camera the colors do look a bit different, but I will still say that in person to me they look too close for me to even tell. Maybe a camera can pick up the change more but my eyes not so much until photographed with a crappy camera... I am maintaining my distaste for the laziness of it all. The other pictures I had of these showed what my eyes say, the colors are too close for them to be called "new."

The first almost dead on is Mimi for Julieanne (w/w). I can see a VERY slight difference. Though this is so slight that it might as well not even be there.

The same can be said for Sam and Stacy (w/w). The colors are so close to each other that I highly doubt I would notice the slight difference if two people were wearing the colors and sitting next to each other. I would assume they had on the exact same polish. Common when I think limited line I think of colors that are far off from what I can find in the regular line.

Aside from my mind boggling discovery, I was pleased by a few colors I had picked for spoons. I have never used Zoya before and am looking forward to a future order of three to five polishes. I am limiting myself since my polish shelves are kinda outta control. I have my eye on a bunch of Christmas colors already so I am really trying hard not to go crazy. Need to focus on colors I don't have anything close to right now.

Something I love about these spoons that I am not sure if anyone else has realized, they can be used for swatching. I tested this out already on a spoon I though was just ugly. Polish came out really easily. I hate swatching on my own nails. So I think since a few people have asked about swatching some of the hauls I have posted, Ill do a post in the near future with my Spoons and the polishes I posted about. Also a wonderful way to recycle instead of just throwing them out.

Nina, Tallulah, Mimi, Jo, Trixie, Dovima

Pinta, Vanessa, Sam, Adina, Laney, Jancyn

Ivanka, Charla, Robyn, Gaia

Wicked and Wonderful Plate: Kelly, Stacy, Burke, Kristi, Cola, Shawn

Kym, Carrie Ann, Karina, Cheryl, Julieanne, Edyla

I did have to change this post a bit since I typed it up seeing how I had to re-photograph things. Sorry for some slightly blurry images. I really hate HATE the camera I am using. Again it is better than nothing until I can save up for a replacement.

Happy Polishing Y'all!

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