September 5, 2010

OMG... electronics + water = lots of frowns

This isnt exactly nail related but it does effect my amazing blog. My son was having a spaz monkey day and after repeatedly being told to keep his food and water away from my laptop, ended up spilling a whole glass full of water on my computer. Insert extreme sad face here! I may not be able to upload photos onto my blog for awhile. The desktop I am on now runs Linux and wont let me pull the photos off my camera. Insert another sad face here! I can blog, but sans photos. We are hoping my laptop will dry out and work functional and happy in a few days. If not I will be without access to my photos for a few weeks. *shakes fist at dumb Linux drivers*

I suppose I could view this as good and bad. I will continue to photograph my ventures in nail art, which means lots of images for future posts. I just wont be able to post them in a timely manner like I have been enjoying doing. Cross your pretty mani'd fingers everyone that my lappy comes back to life from the grave, or that by some grace I can get a windows computer running soon.

Things to look forward to:
  • I just went crazy buying nail stuff again so hello lots of ideas!
  • my bundle monster plate set was shipped out yesterday and should be here soon,
  • I have two fun Mani's already lined up on my camera ready to post
  • I ordered the china glaze awakening collection, so some fun Halloween nails are sure to be made

I will check in as often as I can... if my fiance gets a chance he promised to let me upload pics to his work laptop and let me upload them here. Its just a matter of him being able to set up his work laptop so I can access only my data and nothing from his offices files. Drama I say!

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