September 10, 2010

Im in Polish Heaven

I just got 4 packages in the mail today.... all nailpolish and nail art related. I feel a bit sorry for my family though because they have had to deal with me sqeel, giggle, dance around, ooh and ah over all my new goodies. I was supposed to get one of the packages yesterday but clearly that didnt happen. Hurrah it showed up today.

So since im all being a spaz (hmm wonder where my kids get that from *shifty eyes*) I am going to share my giddiness with YOU!

First row of goodies from Left to right:
CG- Mummy May I, CG- Ick-a-bod-y, CG- Zombie Zest, CG- Re-fresh Mint, CG- L8R G8R, CG- Flying Dragon (Neon), CG- Kiwi Cool-ada, CG- Sun Worshiper

Second Row of goodies from Left to Right:
OPI- Merry Midnight, CG- Techno, CG- Polar Ice, CG- Sour Apple, CG- Snow Globe, CG- Luna, CG- Atlantis, CG- Side Saddle

The front row:
OPI- Halloween Collection: Get In-Spider-ed! This came with the spider ring and the sheet of stickers... to my dismay two of the stickers on the sheet were already peeled off the paper when I got this set. I found them stuck to the inside of the carton. Eh well... I shall have fun with what I got!

The names incase you cant read them:
The Ghostess with the Mostess, Heeeere's Jack, Red-y to Strike, Spiderella

I am sure anyone who has ever bought or somehow gotten an OPI mini set, they know that if you lose the packaging, you lose the names of the polish. Its frustrating as all hell to be honest. So this is how I have solved that isse, I lable them myelf. I dont want to keep boxes all over the place and when I want to know what color I am using or have used I really dont enjoy having to look up names online all the time.

Last but not lease... YAY bundle monster plates. I still have two packages of stuff en-route as well. Ill post info on that stuff when they arrive. For now I am off to eat some dinner and then spend an hour messing with my nails. *Sqeels*


  1. great packages! can't wait for swatches!

  2. What a wonderful haul.
    I saw your post on your first tip try and you did pretty good. I find tips hard to do. I've been Konading since Christmas and I LOVE it.
    I'm following you now.

  3. Thanks for following susie... I love konading as well. I started about a year ago. Its rather addictive. Before I used sticker decals alot, I find my stash of decals gets ignored more often than not anymore.


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