September 19, 2010

Atlantic lights

Glitter plus stamping always equals large amounts of awesome in my book. Halo glitter plus stamping equals ubber amounts of super awesome. Yesterday when I was pondering over what color to change my polish to I looked at my oldest son and said "you choose one." He got a big grin on his face and grabbed Atlantic by China Glaze. Apparently he has been wanting me to wear this polish since I got it. Kid loves shiny stuff!

And wouldn't you know it. The youngest boy wanted his nails painted too while I was working on mine. He didn't want the stamping done though.

Mmmm another image  of all that glittery goodness.

I used the pastel green for the image. I believe its Konad Special polish Pastel Green. Honestly looks really close to white. I am tempted to add some green pigment to it to darken it up.

The plate I used was Bundle Monster BM21.

Happy Polishing!


  1. This looks great! I NEED to get myself a set of bundle monster plates! x

  2. Bundle monster plates... soo worth it! hun if you didnt already know. And thanks ladies. Feedback makes my posts worth the effort!


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