September 22, 2010

Trick or

This is the crap-tastic Mani that looked alot better this morning before I did a bunch of house cleaning today. I really do not like my spare camera. I just found it in a box that was buried under a bunch of other boxes in a closet. I have been cleaning and unpacking things all day. I moved across country back in June... and lets just say I still haven't finished unpacking everything. There is a high probability that I wont before we move next year either. (we are hoping to move into a house) I have alot of things that need to be sorted or gotten rid of and its so much easier to just leave the boxes hidden away. That whole out of sight out of mind thing.

Okay back onto nails. For this Mani I used Mummy May I by China Glaze. I have got to say I really do not like the way these Halloween awakening line glitters go on at all. They look real nice, but man are they thick and chip easily. I am wearing a base coat, two layers of Mummy a layer of top coat, my stamping/ painting, then another layer of top coat. Still I have chips and tip wear after 12 hours. Not impressed to say the least. I noticed the same issue with Ick-a-bod-y. Zombie Zest seems to be a bit more forgiving but not by much. I usually love china glaze polishes but these seem to be off for some reason. I still love the colors and will continue to wear them, but to anyone hoping for long lasting wear you have been warned.

Here is another image of my nails with the flash. The flash really shows all the scuffs and abuse I gave my polish today. Note to self, clean THEN polish. Darn my random need to polish this morning and then my sudden need for order in my house! Also I really cant remember which plates I used to do this, I used three different ones and currently I would have to climb over and move a bunch of things to get to them to find out. If anyone is really curious let me know and Ill update this post later with the info.

Still no word on my images for my other posts. Some I can redo, others I cannot and will have to redo mani's for. *sigh*
Happy Polishing Lovelies!

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