September 27, 2010

Jacks Lament

This is my first ever franken. Today I was looking at the handful of oranges I have and swatched them all... only to come to the conclusion that three of them were pretty much the EXACT same color. Two of them were dead on. The OPI Halloween collection I got had a color named Heeeres Jack and I had Tangerine Scene. Well the two colors are/were an exact match. No joke at all... I swatched them on paper, on my nails and then on spoons just to be sure. So I decided I didn't need two bottles of the exact same color.

I poured half of Heeeeres Jack into Tangerine scene (which I have used a lot of over the past couple of years) and started mixing stuff into it. Don't ask me what all I added because I honestly don't remember. All I knew was that I wanted a glittery orange with some holo bits in it. And Jacks Lament was born.

Here is a close up of Jacks Lament. I may add a bit more glitter to it but I do like this alot. I think for a first time at frankening this turned out fantastic. I could be tooting my own horn, but eh. I plan on trying more frankens in the future. This was a spur of the moment thing. I have been meaning to order some empty polish bottles, but keep putting it off.

And finally a picture of my franken on my nails sans flash. I have a special treat featuring this polish for you guys tomarrow. So check back!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday... Happy Polishing!


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