September 28, 2010


As I promised yesterday here is a treat. The franken I did yesterday is the base for this Mani. I named that franken Jacks Lament.

I used a bunch of stuff to make this Mani. I had things covering half my dining room table. Good thing I was home alone.

Colors used were: Franken- Jacks Lament, Opi- Spiderella, Opi- Redy to strike, Opi- Black Cherry Chutney, Konad Princess Polish- Apple Green, Konad Special Polish- White, Konad Special Polish- Black,

As you can see I used 5 plates for this Mani... that's alot for me. Maybe alot for most people really.

Plates used were: Konad m13, Bundle monster BM12, BM13, BM04, and Faux-nad m35

From pinky to thumb: Bats around the word halloween, monsterblood against a rusty wall, a cyclopse and his chains of bondage, a black cat and bloody paw prints, a swarm of zombie girls.

I tried to get my thumb design to show up but it really didn't photograph well. Its zombie girls. The crap-camera makes them all washed out something terrible.

Happy Polishing!


  1. Excellent mani. Looks like tons of effort and pleasure. Great way to showcase your franken too! (even though I saw it yesterday, lol)

  2. I really like that franken! Orange is a nice color! And great mani.. Looking forward to more halloween designs :)

  3. Like the name of your blog ^_^.
    Very nice Halloween Mani, like the cat too ;)

  4. thank you ladies... though i didnt realize how bad my skin around my nails looked until after I posted the pictures... the season change is a killer. Im used to a gentle change and now its a swift change. Another joy of moving to a new state. :)


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