September 15, 2010

Viva La Nails blog samples

I'm soo excited right now. I got an email yesterday informing me that Viva La Nails had or perhaps still has, their blogger sample packs in. I couldn't pass up on FREE (only paid shipping and handling). The product samples are worth about $25 USD. 

Just a few more pictures of the sample pack (these same images are on the site as well)

To see the complete details please visit HERE. Cant wait to review this stuff once it comes in. I got my shipping confirmation today. Seeing as it has to be shipped from the UK I am thinking it could be a couple of weeks. I am really hoping some of the samples are the water decals they have on the site. I was tempted to order a few packs, but figured I would be patient and wait for my sample pack first.

Happy Polishing!

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